Zalilia village massacre


Write by: U.H.Cruz

  Sufian Saleh Hassan, 19 years old male from "Til Banat" village which located about 17 km to the west of Sinjar town and 150 km northwest of Mosul city with a population of 30,000 people from Yazidi religious minority.

Sufian is an eyewitness on the mass grave that have been discovered a few days ago in Zalilia village which located on the main road of Sinjar Cement Plant.

Sufian says: "We fled from Tel Qassab village at August 3rd, 2014 toward the mount of Sinjar, after ISIS militias controlled Sinjar town, and we stayed on the mountain for one day then a person called Abu Harith (a Muslim from Talafar) come to us and convinced us to return back to our village and that ISIS will never expose to us on a condition that we will give them all of our arms and thus, all the men got convinced by his Idea and the second day we all did what Abu Harith wanted".

He continued: “after we all came down from the mountain, Abu Harith and a big group of armed people led us to a big house and they separated us from the women and isolated the women in different rooms in the same house and they started to ask us about if we feel hungry or thirsty. Four o'clock in the afternoon, the ISIS prince (Al-Ameer) arrived with a group of armed men and asked us to announce our Islam and that if we didn't do so, they will kill us"

“The militants did selected 20 person, aged between 30 to 45, and took them in their cars and we didn't know where they have been took, then they came back again and selected another group, which my friend (Hussein) and I, we were among them along with some children aged less than ten years and some elders aged 75 years and on, collectively we were 17 people in the second group and they tethered us and they took us to Zalilia village and when we arrived there, they asked us to face a wall and they started to open fire on us and instantly I felt-down and another man's body felt-down on me and thus I didn't get hit by any bullets and then after 10 minutes or may be more the sound of gun fire got muted and the cars left the execution site. Then I started to hear the voice of my friend Hussein saying (Are you alive?) and I replied (Yes, I am alive. Are you OK?) And he said (yes), then I removed the pile of dead bodies that was over me, the bodies were Blood-stained and bullet-riddled, and went to Hussein so we can unshackle each other and flee the scene toward Jidalah village and from there to the mountain" Sufian continued.

 Sufian and Hussein, the only survivors had lost 180 males (from children to elders) from their village of "Til Banat” in that massacre, while all the women were taken to Talafar town by the ISIS prince.

And Sufian also remembers that 6 of those women have been released from ISIS captivity through paying huge sums of money to some people from Mosul city and Talafar town and that they are now living at an IDP camp in Duhok governorate.

It is worth mentioning that Sufian had lost his father, uncle, a lot of his cousins and a lot of his relatives and friends in the massacre of Zalilia village that committed by ISIS militias on August 4th, 2014.