The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS MERNA                   

The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS MERNA                   

MERNA    31 years old, from Sinjar, Sinjar area.      

DATE OF CAPTURE: 3/8/2014.


The mother told the story of her family when ISIS came to her village.

I was living with my husband and three daughters (40 days &2 year & 4 years). My life was simple and my husband was working as laborer.  My brothers were Peshmerga, members of the Iraqi Kurdish military. They informed us that they couldn't fight anymore and that we should run away as fast as possible and save ourselves from ISIS.

On the third of August 2014 ISIS entered to Sinjar and when I heard that the Iraqi Kurdish military withdrew. I lost the control of myself and I hid my three daughters at home for couple of hours and it was the hardest hours of fear in my life. I was just thinking of finding a way to protect my daughters and my husband. We decided to run away to the mountain with my three daughters, my husband and his parents. We were around 19 person. At night we decided to run with two cars. We got cars and drove toward Sinjar Mountain. In the middle of the road our cars stopped because there was no enough petrol. We left the cars and walked to the mountain. In the way, two person of ISIS saw us. One of them has one eye and he was old man and the second one was around 35 years old. They pointed their guns to our heads and they took the money, gold and everything from us. One of them saw the earing of my little daughter and he took it brutally although of her young age which was 40 days.

They had been taken all the water and milk of the children and they took all of us to center of Sinjar. Through that time I saw most of the girls and boys who from my village in the grip of ISIS. After a couple of hours with ISIS, We knew that they will circumcise the girls and women. In that time I saw an ambulance taking the girls and women. I was very scared and I have lost the control of myself. The ambulance came and one of the ISIS told me to come with him in the car.

They were talking in Kurdish language and also were wearing Kurdish clothes. They took us to the center of Sinjar with great deal of people. We saw the WALLY – Islamic military rank- of the ISIS and he asked us to change our religion to be Muslim and pray as Muslim people. Some of them agreed and other didn’t agree. After all those things, they divided us into two groups. First group was girls, boys and women together and the second group was just men. At night they took pictures with us without clothes. After that they transported all of us by bus to a big school in BAACH village. The first day in that school was very hard and scaring. One of the ISIS came to girl’s room to choose one of us for raping. He chose a very beautiful girl around 11 years old.  He raped her in brutal way. There was no clean food and water. The ISIS were always raping me every day and night. After the passage of fifteen days with ISIS in that place, they transported us to the school of TAL AFAR.

In addition to the suffering and punishment, the air jets bombed the ISIS. In that time all of us didn’t know if we will die by ISIS or will be casualties of air strikes. Many of the girls succeeded to escape ISIS and I tried with some girls to run away but there was no way and I was afraid about my three daughters.

They transported us to Syria. It was the last time for me with ISIS. My daughters forgot the Kurdish language and right now are speaking Arabic. After spending four months in Syria, my family bought me and payed 30,000$ to the ISIS as a price of me and my three daughters.