The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS

The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS

FATTEN  45 years old, from Sinjar, SOLAKH area.

  DATE OF CAPTURE: 3/8/2014.  


The mother told the story of her family when ISIS came to her village.

have a husband and two youngest daughters (12 &18 years) were living in Sinjar area.  On third of august 2014  ISIS came to Sinjar. At first most of Muslim people were saying that ‘these ISIS are coming to Pease building and other were saying they are terrorists’.

I hid my two youngest daughters and husband for a couple of hours. Then snuck out in the night to run to the mountain. We were feeling afraid. But we decided to run away to the mountain, and my husband refused to run with us.

 At night I escaped to the way of Sinjar Mountain with my two daughters although I suffer from surgeries and walking difficulty. I escaped and left my husband in the village. After that we arrived to near Sinjar Mountain. I stopped walking and couldn’t complete my way to a safe place.  I did not eat or drink anything, I only tried to protect my daughters, but at the end I failed. My two younger daughters left me and escaped to the mountain and I was arrested by ISIS. When I was arrested there were around 4 girls with me. The ISIS have taken all of us to an unknown place and no one can know where that place is. I saw my husband in that place he was arrested by ISIS as well. After I spent a month with ISIS, they sent all of us to BADOSH prison.

The ISIS changed the religion of every YAZIDI girl. As a result, every girl now should read the Quran. All of us got Torturing, intimidating and raping every day. The Rape way was by choosing beautiful women and young age. One day I have received harsh torture and my teeth were broken by one of them and I fainted. Two months later ISIS sent all of us to Mosul forests for three months. After months with ISIS and Endure suffering I decided to run away and needed to escape because I could not take it any longer.

 I knew that it would be very dangerous to try to leave. But, it wouldn't be any worse than what I was dealing with every day. I talked to the other girls and tried to convince them to leave with me, but they were too frightened. I planned to escape and needed help. All of us were suffering from nightmares and constant fears, but we will be very happy if we could be free. We only prayed for the other sisters to come back with us. We don’t know how to keep on living in a place that is such dark and cold, but we do it for each other and for a hope of a better future.

I could escaped from ISIS with my daughters and I got on a taxi, told the taxi driver I was escaping from ISIS and begged him to help me. I was lucky, for he did help me. He called my brother and asked to arrange a smuggler. My brother knew a driver in Mosul whom he trusted, and asked him to bring me to safe place where he would collect me. I was taken to the Peshmerga and I was free.