Why do we have to provide international security and to describe ISIS actions by "genocide"?

Why do we have to provide international security and to describe ISIS actions by "genocide"?

Article by: Dakhil Shamo

  If we exclude the military superiority of the Kurdish forces (in their different beliefs and affiliations) and the support of the international coalition against the Islamic State (Daash), the liberalization of Sinjar (or Shingal) does not mean a lot for the Yazidis. Very shortly, because they did not witnessed the release of their abducted sons and daughters, and because they simply cannot return to their homes that been totally destroyed and they cannot live safely without international protection insurance even if their remaining areas that still controlled by ISIS got liberated. And In addition to that, the international protection is an urgent requirement to avoid violence in the future, specifically in the post-liberation period because of the fact that the majority of forces that participated in the liberation process and that will be also involved effectively in protecting of the region will be of Yazidis who have lost loved ones and relatives, and because the majority of the neighbor-areas have cooperated with ISIS in invading the area.

However, the question arises here is; is the demand of an international protection for Yazidis and the other religious minorities of Nineveh region (even in Iraq in general and Syria as well) a realistic demand? And, is there a possible way to achieve that?

Briefly, that demands is realistic and achievable but, the way to achieve it could begin with working on legally recognizing of what happened to the Yazidis and other minorities as clear genocide actions and that the international community have to act to prevent the replication of such actions. And the way to this goal will probably be the key of resolving the situation.

There are many actors working on this, either at the level of Yazidis activists, the local organizations level or at the level of international organizations.

 The cooperation among these actors and sharing experiences and information among them will facilitate the achieving of this goal before that "the center of preventing genocide" (belongs to Holocaust memorial museum - in Washington D.C.) will issue its important report on November 12th, which confirmed that what happened to Yazidis is a genocide, The U.S. Congress corridors were not free from such attempts but, However, the latest report echo better reached the ears of decision-makers in United states.

The publishing of that report, (which is the first of its kind) came to emphasize that what Islamic state committed genocide against Yazidis and committed against Christians, Shabak and other religious minorities what is considered as crimes against humanity, and the report was consequent with the start of military operations to liberate Sinjar. The report was prepared by the Centre for reducing and preventing genocides in world, which belongs to Holocaust memorial museum after two field visits to Kurdistan carried out by specialized committees and after interviewing dozens of witnesses and victims.

The importance of the report lies in the fact that it was been issued by an institution which is, in fact, a symbolic icon and a documentation for the remains what of the biggest process of extermination of an ethnic or religious group in the modern history, namely the extermination of the Jews. It is also an internationally recognized foundation that can stress on the decision-making centers in United States and in the world. And there is a big hope that this report will be the base and the source for all the real attempts inside this this center and especially inside the U. S. Congrees.

If the US government administration believes that the threats of ISIS pour into the  national security box, but they do not want now to acknowledge what happened to the Yazidis as genocide because of the obligations and the legal complexities which will be followed, this still does not mean that they are ignoring it, especially after the publication of Holocaust report and the raising of the matter by NRT TV reporter ( a Kurdish channel) during a press conference for the spokesman of US ministry of Foreign affairs on November 15th. And even, and according to our knowledge, that the ministry of foreign affairs discusses this matter very seriously to firstly cover it with an American theme instead of a governmental or a partisan theme, and secondly, the US government is waiting for Congress decisions to pass it to the community.