SANDRA The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS Far from a real life

SANDRA The Yazidi woman who escaped ISIS Far from a real life



DATE OF CAPTURE: 3/8/2014.


The mother told the story of her family when ISIS came to her village.

I was living with a husband and my children in SINJAR area and my life was a simple. I was Housewife and my husband was working as labor. I have three children their ages are (6, 4, and 1) and I was pregnant when the ISIS came SINJAR area.

On the third of august 2014 the ISIS entered to SINJAR, there was a big fitting between the SINJAR’s community and the ISIS when the Iraqi Kurdish military withdraw from SINJAR.  We decided to run away to Sinjar mountain and we could escape, but as soon as we arrived to the near of mountain we arrested by ISIS with around other 80 person. They captured us and they brought us to the local school in SOLAKH “ SOLAKH is a village belongs to SINJAR area” and then after eight hour they brought us to the local school in TALAFER a big Arabic Muslim city it belong to Mosul. The ISIS was talking in Syrian and Saudi Arabic language, but the Yazidi communities didn’t understand about them, because they are talking in Kurdish language. They were taking me to translating to them. The ISIS was saying ‘be Muslim and we will not hurts you’ some of them agreed and other did not agreed fearing from death.

They were fear of ISIS but the fear increased when they separated the women from men. We lived in local big school and the school was separated into two sides. The firs side was only for boys and men. And the second side was just for girls. Also the second side separated into two sides as well for young girls and old women. The suffering started when they separated us. They were choosing a young beautiful girls to use the Sexual abuse In spite of their young age. The man who was using the Sexual abuse with us was so ugly and speaking Saudi Arabic language.

three month later, they transported us by bus into PADOSH prison because there was a big fitting between ISIS and Iraqi military. They transported us because fearing of bombardment. After spend three month in PADOSH prison, I got new baby because when the ISIS pick up me I was pregnant. In the same time someone from Lebanon took my biggest child and he told me, ‘we will send your child to conscription Military’. I was looking for my son but there was no hope to find him. But three month later they got my son back. His body was green because they was tortured him. And he is suffering from psychotic illness, because they were killed the people in front of his eyes.

A month later, Syrian man 35 years old came and told me ‘I bought you’ we went to ALHARARIA area it is belong to HALAB. He married me and I was living with hem. He was hit my son and I stayed with hem for one month. He was taken me with ISIS to translating for them because I was talking in Kurdish and Arabic language and the people from Sinjar couldn’t speak Arabic.

In NAWROZ Kurdish celebrating day the ISIS have killed 25 people by knife. And my son still is telling me about that action because they have killed in front of his eyes. After one month the Syrian man sell me to Saudi man 36 years old brown. He has Syrian wife. I lived with that Saudi man for two month. He was talking with my father and sends them my pictures. He told my father “I want to sell your daughter by 5 militant Iraqi dinars” They were sending the girls pictures by what’s app program to the friends if anyone want to buy. It was the way for selling the Yazidi girls.

After two month He sell me to Lebanon man and I knew that man is chapman his name is ABO SALMA. He sell me to my family by helping ABO SHOJAA the Yazidi man who still helping the escaping girls and buying the girls from ISIS and get them to their house.

It was my story with fucking bad suffering.