ROSS The women who escaped ISIS

ROSS The women who escaped ISIS


51 years, from Sinjar, Sinjar area.

DATE OF CAPTURE: 3/8/2014.


The mother told the story of her family when ISIS came to her village.

I am Ross I was living in singar area with my family. I have a husband and three kits their ages were (8 & 14 & 17).

On the third of August 2014, the ISIS enter to sinjar area. It was at morning 9:00 am. There were no Peshmerga, members of the Iraqi Kurdish military in sinjar when the ISIS came. The ISIS surrounded the city, and we couldn’t leave. They captured us and took us to a big school in TAL AFFAR. We were underground. It was so dark that I could not tell the day from the night. They wrote our names on note book and then they took all the money, cold and cell phon.

The school was separated into two sides. The firs side was only for boys and men. And the second side was just for girls. Also the second side separated into two sides as well for young girls and old women. We were crying when they separated the women from the men.

The ISIS were using the sex with all the girls especially the beautiful young girls. The ISIS raped my daughters in front of my eyes and most of the girls were raped by ISIS in front of our eyes. 4 month later the ISIS took my two daughters to other place I don’t know where was that place.  My youngest daughter was with me. 2 month later with very bad suffered with ISIS, I could escaped from the ISIS when there was fighting with ISIS and Peshmerga, members of the Iraqi Kurdish military. After full day walking I could arrived to sinjar mountain without food and water. Some people told us that the men have all been killed by ISIS.

When I arrived to the mountain I escaped with most of the families who could run from the ISIS, three days later of walking, we could arrived to ZAKHO city. And Until now I don't know where my husband and my two daughters are.