The role of Religion in Peace building – Yazidi model in Iraq

The role of Religion in Peace building – Yazidi model in Iraq

The Religion and Peacebuilding Forum on the 20th of November 2015 at the United Nations in Geneva.

The Yezidi religion speech - Khidher Domle

As you know, Iraq includes different religions group, and the fact that the majority are Muslims, but there are other religious minorities have deep cultural and heritage like (Yazidi, Christians, Sabiaa mandaayi, Kakaiy, Baha’i, Zoroastrian  .

Despite the many suffering that they have suffered from the spring of 2003 the demise of the Baath Party regime, but their suffering since 14 months after the occupation of ISIS  Daash to Minority areas showed another  picture  of tragedies which is threatening their existence..

Barbarian Daash attacks resulted in the displacement at least a million people from their areas, most of them Yazidis  ( Yazidi they are one of old Kurdish religious and before they been attacked by ISIS they are more than 560000 )  to the Kurdistan region they live in 22 refugee camp in a very Taft situation ,  captivity  more than 5,800 Yazidi woman and children - more than 3,000 people  were killed - and the discovery of 15 mass grave in Sinjar - they destruction more than 20 church for Christians in Mosul - they destruction  22 religious shrine of the Yazidi and four shrines of Kakaiy .. destruction of infrastructure areas of Minority and this is what resulted in the large wave of immigration to outside  has become a factor  to emptying Iraq of its indigenous peoples.

According to the Committee kidnapped affairs the numbers of survivors from the grip of terrorists Daash notorious as follows:

Total: 2 331 - Women: 867 - Men: 316 - Baby girls: 563 - Male children: 585 –and the  Number of abductees remaining under the control of Daash: 3546 -  .. Female: 1804 and  Male: 1742 ( this abate in 30 December 2015 ).

Even the Minority they got all these attacks against him, but they were offering peace initiatives, and calls to stop the violence .. For example, the Chaldean Patriarch declared more than once peace messages awareness of the extremists to stop the violence. And  the great tragedy of the Yazidi, they have not stopped since Daash  occupation to their areas in Sinjar, Bachik in the north and west of Mosul, and the abduction of thousands of women were sold by members of the Islamic State ISIS.

Despite all these tragedies continued to invite the clergy of religious Yazidi Peace bookmark, and were more initiatives are announced by Baba Sheikh of Yazidi welcome to those  women survivors of grip Daash - who have been rape, violence and forced to convert to Islam. This established the internal peace of the Yezidi community gave vivid picture of the world from the Yezidi religion, which calls for peace and tolerance. Then it was and initiatives still refused to do revenge and call to action to coexistence and punish criminals according to the law ..

These initiatives did not stop, but also calls for the international community to protect the Yazidis and other religious minorities and efforts to help them to escape from these tragedies and install them what was the crime of genocide.

The efforts of the Yazidi religious institutions despite their tragedy demonstrates they  order to build bridges of peace and this show the important  role of the clergy in the deployment of the peace ….  Had that happened Yazidi religion called to violence as a result of what they have suffered, the region it will bound to erupt wars. In this regard, the Yezidi Council spiritual a lot of time calls to limit the dissemination of hatred, violence and stress and that they're always with tolerance and coexistence. And this Yazidi experience in Iraq about role of religions in building peace is very important and worthy of study .

With few official efforts in Iraq about peace and tolerance, Yazidis Activist participated and still in the many events hosted by the United Nations Mission in the race for peace, tolerance and reconciliation, and Yazidi community activists involved effectively in workshops and seminars that are held for peace and reconciliation, despite the large tragedy instill them by ISIS. Therefore the civilized world, they should support the efforts of the Yezidi and all the clergy in the dissemination of a peace culture and tolerance, and develop their skills to become shareholders in the reduction of violence rather than promote it.

The Yazidi experience in dealing with the disaster which they were subjected by Daash  in 3 – 08 – 2014 proved that this religion despite the great losses, but it wills that provide a model civilization to the world and to relevant institutions to deal with cases of sexual violence which received the families of hundreds of women and young girls better quit and take the statement to his chest spiritual  religion leader Baba Sheikh great importance where calls all citizens greeted the girls who have been subjected to sexual abuse and support to return to their normal lives - and succeeded this initiative, where she married many of the girls who escaped from the grip of the organization Daash ISIS ... and this in itself is a major contribution to stability Social and opportunity for inner peace.

Also, this initiative opened the way that the Yazidi attempts by the need to deal with the subject continue in accordance with legal procedures and confirm the religious leader Baba Sheikh not to carry out revenge, This is another significant contribution in the search for the chances of peace and reconciliation in the future, because the Yezidi religion it is  peaceful religion and believes to live with others.