“Help to save the tears of this family”

By the researcher: Dawid Murad Khatari

   Zarifah Khudaida Kimmo / born in 1988, she is the wife of the martyr (Muhsin Namir Haito Al-hababi / born 1985) from Rambosy village.

 After that her martyr husband could save many families from Kirzarik village by his car and got them to a safe place, he returned back to rescue his family when he got killed with his nephew (Khalat Haji Namir / born in 1996) at August 3rd, 2014.

 And now (Zarifah) with her five children are living in (Zakhu - Chamishku IDP camp – tent: G-24, Phone: - 009647503091615) and they are in a deplorable situation and living on the charity offered by the IDPs without any gesture from any government officials or charitable organization to her situation.

 The question here is for both Iraqi-central and Kurdistan governments: Why the governments are not paying the salaries of the martyrs of Sinjar spite of it been more than a year after the crisis on the contrary to that of the martyrs of Camp Speicher massacre? Where are the Ministries of Social Affairs in both KRG and central government attitude from the tragedies of the poor families and war orphans? And why they are not paying the social welfare salaries? Where exactly the NGOs fund goes? Is it in the pockets of rotten people?! While if we collected international donations for the displaced people, then each family will be to build its own palace.